“[Lodestone] has a melody that is so heart-wrenching it feels as if it’s always existed, and it’s a wonder that it’s only now been unearthed.”

Jon Davis, Exposé Online (full review here)


“. . . Singer Mali’s debut solo album “Lodestone” is an exercise in musical theater, world music and avant-pop, pulling from the likes of Fiona Apple and Imogen Heap. She calls it “operatic anti-pop,” and somehow it fits. The album’s compelling use of orchestral instruments, exotic percussion and vocal synthesizers accompany Mali’s soaring soprano vocals. Think of “Lodestone” as a modern opera ruminating on the complex intersection of human nature and its murky future.”

— WBUR’s Fall Music Guide (full review here)


“One of the most beautiful voices in modern music.”

— Oedipus, The Oedipus Project


” [Mali’s] disposition switch[es] from new-age songbird to woman scorned to woodland fairy to blood-thirsty werewolf to sultry lounge singer” . . .

The Boston Herald


“Mali’s voice can shift from gorgeous and haunting at one moment to brash and sneering in the next, sometimes all within a single phrase.”



Praise for Jaggery:

” . . . exquisite, lush music that challenges the ear as much as it captivates it. The storytelling, reflection, and contemplation are as audacious as the aesthetic that bolsters them.”



“Jaggery audiences go silent and still like people appreciating raw, scary, beautiful wildlife.”

Cambridge Day