The Women Gather / Anikaya Dance Theater

Since 2019, Mali has been a part of The Women Gather with Anikaya Dance Theater.

The Women Gather is a ritual of healing created by an international and Boston-area-based ensemble of female artists. This ritual takes place in an environment created by the ensemble, in a soundscape of our voices and bodies and the voices of our mothers and our grandmothers. We come to this space with different stories, different cultures, different bodies. We gather to create a safe space to exist and to gather our strength for what lies ahead. All are welcome.”

The Women Gather premiered in New York City at Gibney in June 2022. Subsequent performances: have taken place at The Strand Theater in Boston, MA in November ’22 and at the Maitisong Festival in Gaborone, Botswana in April ’23.

November 2022, The Strand Theater, Boston, MA
April 2023, Maitisong Festival, Gaborone, Botwana